08_05_2016 Shows updated. Thanks to your help and support in in the online first round, we're playing a battle of the bands sort of thing Friday, August 12th at Sidewinder. We go on at 11:15, but the show starts at 7. 2 of the 6 bands playing will continue on to a 2nd round, the winner of which will play the Remember the Punks music festival in San Antonio, with a bunch of big punk bands we would love to play with. Sooo... come out to Sidewinder next Friday and drop our name in the voting bucket. It's an all ages show, and I know some of y'all have kids that are old enough to go to shows, so bring them. I think they can vote, as well. Also, thanks to Jimmy from Peter Pan Complex for helping us out on drums.

In other news, thanks to Josh, we've been recording preproduction demos of 10 new songs, maybe more, depending on everyone's availability. We hope to get a super double plus good recording of these new songs soon so we can share them with y'all. In my humble opinion, I think they're some of our best songs so far.

We should have new shirts available soon, and I'm slowly looking into an online store of some sort, in case anyone wants to order a shirt or vinyl or whatever without having to come to a show.

Also, I'm working hard on several different Threes Away related video game projects. More info as I get closer to release on these. I'm hoping to finish a VR app first, so you can hang out with us in our practice space. And maybe on the moon, if I can get that optimized for mobile... Anyway, lots of fun stuff coming up soon. Check out http://www.granitetopgames.com for more info, as I'll likely get that updated with the game details before I get this updated. Thanks for your patience!

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