Thursday 10_19_2017 - Barracuda, Austin, TX - Red City Radio, Spider, Threes Away More Info

Saturday 10_01_2016Alamo City Music Hall, San Antonio, TX7:00PM?Remember the Punks Fest!  More Info

Wednesday 05_18_2016Hole in the Wall, 2538 Guadalupe St. Austin, TX7:30PMCJ Ramone, Broken Gold, Threes Away at Hole in the Wall! Get there early! More Info

Saturday 01_30_2016The Sidewinder, 715 Red River St. Austin, TX - ALL AGES! Come see Madeline from Denton! Ska! Doors at 9pm. DeadGrrls start at 9:30, followed by Hans Gruber & The Die Hards, Madaline, The Sweethearts, and Threes Away. $6 over, $8 under. All Ages! Bring your kids (or younger siblings) for a sober ride home!   More Info

Sunday 07_23_2017 - PUNKS FLOAT on a BOAT Vol 2 - Punk Rock Boat Party! with Sniper 66, Threes Away, Sober Daze, Punks on Parade! Ticket link available here:  Tickets Here

Saturday 08_27_2016Bull McCabes, 714 Red River St. Austin, TX9:00PMThrees Away, Peter Pan Complex, Worm Suicide, YikesMore Info

Friday 06_30_2017 - Sidewinder, Austin, TX 9 PM - The Sweethearts, Threes Away, Despero, Already Dead, Moronic Behavior. All Ages show! $8 over $10 under   More Info

Saturday 06_13_2015 - Red 7, Austin, TX - Sloppy Seconds, Beligerent 86, Threes Away More Info

Saturday 05_09_2015 - Beerland, Austin, TX - Neon Cobra (1am) "Rad Boys From Hell" CD Release w/ Threes Away (12am), Dragon Blood Sex Machine (11pm), Shitty Advice (10pm) More Info

Friday 05_29_2015 - Empire Control Room, Austin, TX - Threes Away CD Release w/ OC45 (Boston), Already Dead, Clit Eastwood, Violent Night More Info

Saturday 03_21_2015 - Vortex Theater, Austin, TX - Altercation SXSW BBQ. THREES AWAY PLAYS AT NOON (12pm)! FREE BBQ AND BEER! Come early! Other bands include: Nowherebound, Sharp Lads, Threes Away, The Grizzly Band, The Hormones, Sniper 66, Riverside Riot, The East Cameron Folkcore, Blackeyed Vermillion, Vanishing Life (More Info)

Thursday 03_19_2015 - Key Bar, Austin, TX- Key Bar SXSW Music Showcase 2015. FREE SHOW! No cover/No wristband needed. Threes Away plays at 7pm. See flyer above for other bands and set times.

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03072015 - Three Links, Dallas TX - Lower Class Brats, The Gorehounds, Brief Lives, Sniper 66, Rude King, Threes Away, American Shit Storm (Tickets, More Info)

Old Shows

Saturday 11_01_2016 - The Sidewinder,Red River St. Austin, TX- Get Dead, Threes Away, Sniper 66!

Sunday 09_18_2016Bull McCabes, 714 Red River St. Austin, TX9:00PM - Threes Away, Karbomb (GA), more! More Info

Friday 08_11_2017 - Sidewinder, Red River, Austin, TX - Threes Away, Punks on Parade, YIKES!, Vacancy  More Info

Sunday 01_29_2017 - Bull McCabe's,Austin, TX 9 PM - Hudson Falcons! Bat City brings you New Jersey's finest Rock and Roll band, Hudson Falcons! Threes Away is lucky enough to join them, along with Worm Suicide and Yikes!   More Info

Thursday 03_17_2016 - The Brixton,1412 E. 6th St. Austin, TX 9PM - THREES AWAY UNOFFICIAL SXSW SHOWS PART 2 - The Brixton Locals Party - NO COVER/21+ featuring We Are The Asteroid, Pocket FishRmen, Your Friendly Ghost, MeanGirls, Basketball Shorts, WOODGRAIN, Threes Away, Broken Gold, DJ Scotty Upton & Nat Zingg. Music starts at 3pm, Threes Away plays promptly at 9pm. More Info

Saturday 09_10_2016 - Korova, San Antonio, TX7:00PM?Battle for the Alamo! The bands that made it past the first rounds will play a show together in San Antonio for a chance to play the main stage at Remember the Punks Fest on October 1st. More Info

Friday 08_12_2016The Sidewinder, 715 Red River St. Austin, TX  7:00PMBattle for the Alamo! Come help Threes Away win a spot at the Remember the Punks festival in San Antonio. All ages show! Only $7! Threes Away plays at 11:15. Also playing are Ironhead Division (10:30), All Opposed (9:45), Equinox (9), Sorted Scoundrels (8:15), and Knockin' Bones (7:30).  More Info

Tuesday 01_03_2017 - The Sidewinder,Austin, TX 8 PM - Free Week! Outside Stage: Threes Away (10:30pm), The Schisms (9:45pm), Before The Devil Knows You're Dead (9pm), Despero (8:15pm). Free show! Also, the whole show will be recorded, so come out and be on a record.   More Info

Friday 04_01_2016 - Lost Well,2421 Webberville Rd, Austin, TX 10PM - Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and Threes Away. More info coming soon! More Info

Sunday 02_21_2016Barracuda Club,611 E. 7th St. Austin, TX - Kick Ass Austin Punk Rock Show! Threes Away, City Life, Rebel Flesh, and The Del-Vipers. We will be welcoming Hausen back on bass guitar at this show. Please help us show him that he hasn't made a huge mistake.     More Info

Saturday 08_29_2015 - Farmers Public Market, Oklahoma City, OK - Motorhead Tribute show. Threes Away, The Disposables, Lotta Tuff, Fire Bad, The Choke, Six Gun Onslaught. Art show, Lemmy Costume Contest, Tattoo raffle, more! More Info

Thursday 03_17_2016Key Bar,617 W. 6th St. Austin, TX7PM - THREES AWAY UNOFFICIAL SXSW SHOWS PART 1 - Key Bar Music Showcase 2016 - NO WRISTBANDS/NO COVER/21+ featuring Haydon HooDoo, Scott Reynolds, Well-Dressed Thieves, Threes Away, The Homewreckers, 20 LB Sledge, Dead Lifeboats, Adrian & the Sickness. Music starts at 4pm, Threes Away plays promptly at 7pm. More Info

Saturday 03_26_2016 - Safehouse Sessions,Everywhere in the World 5PM - We are playing a streaming show over the internet and If you would like to BYOB and come to the recording, please email More Info

Thursday 02_11_2016Bull McCabe's, 715 Red River St. Austin, TX Hudson Falcons return to Austin! With Worm Suicide, Threes Away, and Dirty Charley Band! Threes Away will be bidding our bassist Thomas farewell, as he focuses his energy in other directions **KUNG POW!** , so come tell him how great he's been for the past 2 years. It's also Guido's Birthday Bash, from what I read online somewhere... You now have 3 reasons to come out.    More Info

Sunday 06_25_2017 - Hole in the Wall,Austin, TX 9 PM - Screamin' J, Threes Away, Lavola, Ghost Cat, and Saros take over the drag!  More Info

Friday 08_26_2016Key Bar, 617 West 6th St. Austin, TX9:00PMKey Bar 10th Anniversary party! Threes Away plays at 9. More Info