Side One: 1. The Standard Set of Extraordinary Measures | We stood aside watching as the well went dry. Who knew the end was so near? Unsustainable practices have been the norm for far too long, and so we wind up here. You can go five months without spending a dime. No one goes away for an obvious crime. Books get cooked and now they're overdone. There's no turning back. Endgame has begun. Pause the clock. Bought and sold. You'll take what we give you and do as you're told. Sold and bought. Stop the clock. Twenty-five million away. We've
never look back We’ll keep running baby We’ll be alright We’ll make our way the best that we can I’ll hold onto you for the rest of my life Til death do us part I’m your man Boots on the stairs They’re coming in We have to leave Grab what you can We gotta go Shots rang out One last kiss No time to grieve I’ll catch up with you down the road Keep running baby I’ll be alright I’ll hold them off as long as I can I told you the day that I made you my wife Til death do us part I’m your man | 4. Dark Shores  | Kinda like this haunted city All these ghosts looking over me Every street tells another story Every mouth sings a tragedy yeah In the shadows where we go We tell the secrets they don’t know In the shadows where the wind blows You might feel like you’re all alone All these things try and bring me down I can get there on my own Looks like there’s dark stars in her eyes now Sounds like those dark shores calling me Looks like there’s dark stars in the sky now Sounds like those dark shores calling me Another night in a haunted city Another night spent chasing dreams Every arm speaks of faded glory Every mouth sings a tragedy yeah On that  dark shore Haunted no more Finally found peace Staring at the sea On that dark shore
got obligations to pay. This printing press doesn't run for free. You can borrow more for a nominal fee. Twenty-five million away. Who's counting? Make it stall, wait til fall, postdate the checks because we spent it all. | 2. Victory Song | Hold your breath try not to scream Bite your tongue don’t say anything Now is not the time to cause a scene Patience is rewarded Wait and see Tomorrow brings a better day We’ll dance around as on the graves of our enemies Singing a song of victory A day will come when the war will be won We’ll be singing a song of victory I know the rage builds up inside Your eyes have been opened All innocence has died There is not a person who’s not lied It seems like all your dreams have been denied Tonight leave it all behind Freedom’s calling Can you hear it Never give up Never give in || Side Two: 3. Til Death | My heartbeat raised and my hackles stood up The day I looked through the blinds and seen that armored truck Parking on the curb there were two more on the way No plans to stick around and see what they had to say I woke up my wife as I loaded the gun Put on your shoes babe We’re gonna have to run We’ll sneak out the window and head for the tracks Hop aboard a southbound train and